Go to bed smarter than when you woke up.

- Charlie Munger

An investor journey, with simple words

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stockholder.me is a personal blog where you can find the portofolios, strategies, thoughts and inspirations of my journey to become a wealthy investor. I will try to keep it as transparent as possible.

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08 Feb, 2023

The 50/40/10 rule is a simple, yet effective method for managing your money and making the most of your income. It involves dividing your income into three categories: necessities, savings, and wants, with: This approach to budgeting is designed to help you prioritize your spending, ensure you have enough money to cover the things you […] More

wheel options strategy

What is the Wheel Options Strategy? The Wheel Options Strategy in investing is a combination of two options strategies – covered calls and cash-secured puts – that can help investors generate income, potentially increase returns, and manage risk. This strategy is suitable for investors who have a long-term investment horizon and are looking for ways […] More

What is an AI Powered Equity ETF?

What is an AI Powered Equity ETF? An AI Powered Equity ETF is a type of ETF that uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to make investment decisions. Unlike traditional ETFs, which track a specific index or investment strategy, AI Powered ETFs adjust their portfolios in real-time based on market conditions, company financials, and other data inputs. […] More