About stockholder.me

Note that …

I am not a fortune teller
I am not a financial advisor
I am just an investor, with common sense

Hi there, I am Tom, a simple investor sharing his journey. This blog, stockholder.me, is not here to teach you some secret techniques to get rich in 2 months. Actually no one knows if we will be richer tomorrow, right? As the name suggests, I will share my stockholder journey, it includes my portfolio, strategies, thoughts but also my successes and failures.
As I believe it is important to set goals, let me share a few with you. Mine are simple, because there is only one, in fact, I (almost) always value simplicity and common sense over everything else, most of the time it helps me to take better decisions in my daily life. I want to exceed $1 million dollar in assets in the next 25 years. Setting goals is great, but more importantly, you should ask yourself WHY? To me, again, the answer is full of common sense: I want to retire before it’s too late to enjoy life. How am I going to spend this hard-earn money, well, it’s another question.
What I find beautiful with investing is that there is not one path to be successful, actually there are many strategies depending on our profile, our emotions, our greediness and our brain.

As you may have guessed, English is not my mother tongue so this blog is probably full of typos but I take it as an opportunity to improve my writing at the same time. I also want to do casual writting on stockholder.me, when I have both an idea and time. If you see something that needs to be fixed, feel free to email me, I value feedback and looking to get new ideas on investing.
Through this blog, I hope I can inspire new comers to onboard in a similar journey than mine and they can dedicate some time to learn more. Although I can’t tell you for sure the fastest way to build wealth, I can tell you that the odds are much better for investors than for anyone else.