Emirates First Class review: suite, services, lounges and menu

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My Journey in Emirates First Class A380 and B777

Recently, I had the chance to fly with Emirates in his most luxurious way: the First Class Suite. I know this is something quite unique so I decided to share my journey aboard Emirates First Class A380 and B777 on this blog. I will cover the experience and give some details about the flight, amenities, ticket price, first class lounge in Dubai and brought you some pictures!

Emirates First Class A380

The Emirates Airbus 380 is a state-of-the-art aircraft that offers a luxurious and comfortable flying experience. The aircraft features a spacious and modern cabin design, with seating options for up to 489 passengers.

The seating configuration includes 14 private suites in first class, 76 flat-bed seats in business class, and 399 comfortable economy class seats.

The aircraft also features the latest in-flight entertainment system, gourmet dining options, and access to the airline’s exclusive lounges for first-class passengers. The Airbus 380 is known for its quiet and smooth ride, making it an ideal choice for long-haul flights.

The first class cabin on the Emirates Airbus 380 is truly a luxurious experience. Each private suite is fully-enclosed with a sliding door for added privacy, and features elegant marble and wood finishes.

The door is also fully soundproofed, ensuring that the passenger can have a peaceful and private journey. The suite comes equipped with a large personal TV screen for entertainment, and the attention to detail in the design is impeccable, making the passenger feel like someone unique. The Suite interior of the Airbus A380 comes with a comfortable armchair, a plush bed, and a large personal TV screen, making the journey as comfortable as possible.

A bathroom with shower in Emirates First Class A380

The Emirates First Class experience on the Airbus 380 also extends to the bathroom and shower facilities. The bathrooms feature marble and wood finishes. Each bathroom is equipped with a spacious shower, complete with a rain showerhead, and high-end toiletries are provided for the passengers’ use.

The shower is available to only a select few first class passengers, ensuring an exclusive and private shower experience. The shower is equipped with a comfortable seat, and the water is heated and controlled with a thermostatic mixer, ensuring a relaxing shower experience.

Emirates First Class B777

The Emirates Boeing 777 is a highly advanced aircraft that provides passengers with a comfortable flying experience. With a seating capacity of up to 428 passengers, it offers 8 private suites in first class, 42 lie-flat seats in business class, and 304 comfortable economy class seats.

Passengers have access to the latest entertainment system, dining options, and exclusive lounge access for first-class travelers. The Boeing 777 is known for its fuel efficiency, ideal for long and ultra-long flights, making it a perfect choice for those who want to travel in style and comfort.

The first class seat is very similar to the one in the Airbus A380, only a few minor differences on the TV screen size and the controllers. The features are pretty much the same but the design might be a little bit more old school.

Compared to the A380, the Boeing 777 don’t have a shower but you can still refresh yourself at the first class lounge in Dubai.

Emirates Private Suite Experience: Private Cabin and Amenities

The Suite Experience on Emirates is a luxurious way to travel. With its fully-enclosed private cabin design and top-notch amenities, I am not surprise that it’s a popular choice among first-class travelers.

As soon as you step inside the Suite, you’ll be struck by the attention to detail in the design. The comfortable armchair, plush bed, and large personal TV screen all contribute to the feeling of opulence. And with a sliding door for added privacy, you’ll have your own private sanctuary in the sky!

One of the standout features of the Emirates first class suite is the range of amenities on offer. Each Suite comes with its own minibar, vanity table, and built-in wardrobe. The bedding is comfortable, with a choice of a soft or firm mattress, and the noise-cancelling headphones are a great for a peaceful flight. I still prefer to bring my own noise-cancelling headset but this one will do a better job than headphone in Economy class!

It is not just the physical amenities that make the Suite Experience so special. The food and drink service is also to the next level, with a menu that offers something for everyone. The ingredients are excellent quality, and service is worthy of the greatest restaurants. The wine selection is also quite impressive.

The meals in first class are All-Inclusive, which means that you can order as much caviar, Dom Pérignon and chocolates as you wish (Yes there is caviar and Dom Pérignon champagne in first class).

The seating in first class is fantastic. You can control the seat to titl on different axes and it can also be turned into a bed so you will feell like having your own bedroom.

The flight attendants on Emirates are lovely. They are attentive, friendly and always ready to help, making the flight as comfortable as possible.

Emirates First Class Lounges: The Luxurious Amenities

As a first-class passenger on Emirates, you also had access to their exclusive lounges before, during and after the flight. These lounges offer a range of luxurious amenities designed to make your flight experience as comfortable as possible.

During my connection at Dubai, I was greeted by a dedicated lounge representative who assisted me. I was escorted from the plane to the lounge. The Dubai first class lounge was beautifully decorated and had a serene atmosphere.

One of the highlights of the lounge experience was the food and drink service. The Dubai first class lounge offered a wide variety of dining options, including a buffet and a-la-carte menu. The food was delicious and the service was impeccable, as always.

The Dubai first class lounge also offers a range of other amenities, including a business center and a quiet area for reading. I didn’t have the time to give it a try but first class lounge at Dubai also has a spa room, showers and sleeping area.

Note that depending on the airport, the lounge might have more or less services and areas. The first class lounge at Dubai is, from my own experience, the most complete one.

Fine Dining in the Skies: A Review of Gourmet Menus and Wine Selection

When it comes to fine dining in the skies, the Emirates first class menu and wine selection do not disappoint. The airline offers a range of dishes that are expertly prepared and presented, using only high quality ingredients.

One of the highlights of the dining experience was the variety of options available. The menu features a range of dishes, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. From what I have seen, the selection is refreshed from time to time with new meals on the first class menu for special occasions like Christmas.

I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail in the presentation of the dishes. The plates were beautifully arranged, and the food was served on elegant tableware.

The wine selection was also impressive. The menu featured a range of top-quality vintages from around the worlds. I had the opportunity to try some of their most popular choice such as caviar and Dom Pérignon champagne.

Overall, the fine dining experience in Emirates first class exceeded my expectations. The quality of the food and the drinks selection were outstanding. It’s a truly special way to enjoy a meal while flying and it’s worth trying it.

First Class Experience: A Summary of the Suite, Services, Lounges and Menu

Overall, the Emirates first class experience is one that offers luxury, comfort, and exceptional service. The private cabin or “The Suite” is fully-enclosed, equipped with amenities such as minibar, vanity table, and built-in wardrobe.

The in-flight entertainment and assistance options are extensive, and the food and drink service is top-notch, with fine gourmet menus and a wide range of wine selection.

The lounges offer exclusive access to luxurious amenities before the flight. All these features make the Emirates first class experience a truly special and enjoyable journey.

This is difficult to say if it is worth the price or not as this experience is unique. Don’t break the bank for it, but if you have the opportunity do it once in your life, then you should go for it!

Q&A: Emirates First Class ticket price, showers and features

How much does it cost for Emirates First Class suite?

The price for an Emirates first class seat can vary a lot depending on the destination and the time of booking. The cost of an Emirates first class ticket is around $5500 for a 7 hours flight. In comparaison an Economy Class ticket will cost $450 and Business Class ticket around $2200.

What does Emirates First Class include?

Some of the features in Emirates First Class: Private suite, unlimited food from fine dining menu, lounge access, chauffeur-drive service and priority check-in.

Does Emirates First Class have showers?

Yes, it does but bathroom and showers are only available in Airbus A380, not Boeing 777.


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